Millenium .... a. C. - 2017 

 Il pensiero filosofico occidentale, il diritto romano, il cristianesimo, da più di 2000 anni

considera la donna un essere inferiore     


Millenium 00 a.C  2017 (Millenium 00 BC)

The installation is a personal contribution to the subject of domestic violence.

Millennium consists of four works, mounted on one-hundred-year-old wooden boards. The face of a vestal, Rhea Silva, as if to symbolically recall the sacrifice devoted to  female purity and the terrible punishment of those vestals who did not maintain the rigor of the task assigned to them. The  two faces of the girls, Nicolina and Noemi, transformed into ancient Roman statues covered with fabric and ribbons, soaked in bloody cement. A wooden cross with Ave Mary, a faceless, naked Mary, who is crucified by misogynistic Christian thought. An old wooden window, with the clinical diary of one of the 30,000 women who were interned in psychiatric hospitals during fascism because they did not correspond to the regime’s image of the perfect mother. Impertinent, pleasant, extravagant, erotic, impulsive, nymphomaniacal, flirtatious, irritable, talkative ... Millennium is accompanied by the video that relates, in rap time, how Roman Law and Christianity have influenced the creation of our Western female cultural models.

The installation is dedicated to Nicolina Pacini and Noemi Durini.